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1974 - 2020

Older Radio Shows
Over here you can listen to some recordings of radioshows from the past. In the future there will also be new radioshows available on this website, you can listen to.
The following radioshows are Dutch spoken, but also with lots of beautiful music in it, presented by me, Boudewijn... In the future there will also be lots of new radioshows available, in the English language. Have fun!
Broadcast for Alex - Nov. 9th 1990 (42:21 min.)
Nonstop Music - November 15th, 1990 (NL 28:55 min.)
The Fallen Government - Year 1990 (NL 37:08 min.)
Radio Broadcast June 23rd, 2011    (NL, 79:32 min.)

Radio Broadcast, Februari 4th, 2012  (NL, 79 min.)
Radio Broadcast, Februari 9th, 2012  (NL, 67 min.)
Radio Broadcast, Februari 22nd, 2012  (NL, 79:10 min.)
Radio Broadcast, June 17th, 2019 (NL, 04:11:38 min.)
Radio Broadcast, June 18th. 2019  (NL, 04:01:01)
Radio Broadcast, August 21st. 2019  (NL, 03:31:22)
Broadcast about Birdy, Sept.3rd  2019 (NL 03:15:57)
Radio Broadcast,  December 19th, 2019  (NL, 01:56:07)
Radio Broadcast, May 19th, 2020  (NL, 03:47:37)
(p) 21st. July 2021 by RTV Stargate, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
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